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Magento 2: How to call any template block from phtml file?

In Magento 1.x, you could call/print any module’s template block in any other template (phtml) file with the following code:

In Magento 2.x, it’s slightly different.

Below is the code to call/print a custom template block in another template file in Magento 2.

Suppose, you want to call a template block (helloworld.phtml) of module Chapagain_HelloWorld, then you should write the following code:

If you would like to call template block in CMS static Block or CMS Page in Magento 2, then you can simply write the following code:

Let’s take the same example as above (calling helloworld.phtml of module Chapagain_HelloWorld).

Passing variable or parameter to the block

You can also pass variables or parameters while calling the .phtml template from CMS Page or Static Block.

You can see above that we have passed two extra variables/parameters (title and count) to the block code.

Now, to access these variables from your template (.phtml) or block class (.php) file, you have to write the following.

For the example of this article, this code can be written in both template (Chapagain\HelloWorld\view\frontend\templates\helloworld.phtml) and block class (Chapagain\HelloWorld\Block\HelloWorld.php) file.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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    Hi, How can i pass attributes in block when using in phtml file.
    For example in cms i am using
    {{ block class=”SmBasicProductsBlockBasicProducts” name=”basicproducts” template=”Sm_BasicProducts::slider-index3.phtml” title=”Multi Vitamins” product_order_by=”best_sales” product_category=”3″ product_limitation=”6″ nb_column1=”4″ nb_column2=”3″ nb_column3=”3″ nb_column4=”2″ nb_column5=”1″ }}
    How can i write this in phtml file.

  • Hi Nishank,

    I have updated the article addressing your issue. Please have a look.