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Magento 1.4: No products displayed in category listing


I have a fresh installation of Magento 1.4. I already have installed the sample data for Magento.

Now, when I go to the category listing page, no products are displayed. It says “There are no products matching the selection.“.

By category listing page, I mean the product listing page displayed when any category is clicked. Like, product listing for Furniture category, product listing for Living Room category, etc.


– Go to System -> Index Management
– Select All Checkbox
– In Actions, select ‘Reindex Data
– Click Submit

Now, go to the category listing page. You will be able to see the products.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • Iñaki Mecolalde

    perdon por mi ingles.

    Segui estos pasos y sigo sin poder ver los productos.

    Aparentemente la configuración del sitio y los productos esta bien, no se que está mal.

    Tenes otra idea sobre este problema?


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  • Thanks, it saves my several hours

  • Valentin Vasilev

    thanks a lot man
    wrestle with this problem for days
    you save my life :)

    Valentin Vasilev

  • Scott

     god thank you!  this was doing my head in

  • Faizandesigner

    Thank you so much i am facing this problem since last night thanks a lot

  • haifa


  • sam

    its not work for me still getting “There are no products matching the selection.

  • Carsten

    You might also want to have the product “in stock” with a quantity of at least one.

  • Hafeez

    O great, thanks a lot, i was facing this problem since yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent… easy to miss… thank you!