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JoomlaPack – Simply the best backup component for Joomla!

I used JoomlaPack for backing up my Joomla! CMS site and I cannot stop writing about it. It’s simple, easy to use, quick, efficient and moreover it’s FREE.

It creates a full backup of your site in a single archive. The archive contains all the files, a sql file with database script and a restoration script (derived from the standard Joomla! installer). You also have the option to create backup of only your database excluding the files.

JoomlaPack is more than a backup tool; it is a site cloner. This means that the resulting backup can be restored on any server, not only on the one it was taken from. This lets you very easily grab a copy of your live site, running on a Linux™ host, and restore it on your local test server, running on Windows™.Or even vice versa.

Here is a simple work-flow of JoomlaPack:-

1) Download the component JoomlaPack

2) Install it in Joomla

3) Go to Components->JoomlaPack

4) JoomlaPack Component interface appears. You can change your preferences by clicking the Configuration link or menu. The configuration includes Output Directory, Minimum access level, Backup Type (Full site backup or database backup only), etc.

# Note: After you backup your online website and put it in your local machine then you have to change the Output Directory. The Output Directory should be in the absolute path,

e.g. C:\xampp\htdocs\channel\administrator\components\com_joomlapack\backup

OR, if you put the backup file on another online server then the Output Directory should be changed accordingly.

5) Click Backup Now menu or link. You may keep short description and comment for your backup. Then click Backup Now! button.

6) The AJAX or JavaScript powered backup information is shown to you.
7) After the backup completes, go to Administer Backup Files.

8 ) Select your Backup taken and then Download or Delete it.. as you like :)
9) After you download the backup file, put it in your local or any other online server. And then just write down the address on your browser, e.g. http://localhost/yourwebsitename. JoomlaPack restoration script similar to Joomla! installer appears. Follow the steps.

10) Finally remove or rename the installation directory and you are done.


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  • Well, I also use JoomlaPack for my blog…this is really a great extension..to make your back-up process very very easy….Remember Its Highly Recommended to take your daily/weekly backups…