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Joomla: Show Module inside Article

Sometime you might need to show any module’s content inside your article. For example, you have installed a image slideshow module. Now, you might need to show the image slideshow within your article page.

For this purpose, Joomla CMS comes with the default plugin (Content – Load Modules) to show module’s content in any article. You can either use the default ‘Content – Load Modules’ plugin or you can also use some other third-party plugins which help to do the same work more easily.

Using Joomla’s default ‘Content – Load Modules’ plugin

To make the ‘Content – Load Modules’ plugin work, you need to:

1) Enable the plugin

– Go to Extensions -> Plug-in Manager
– Search ‘load module’
– You will see Content – Load Modules in the search result
– Enable the plugin

2) Add a module position

– You just need to add a random module position name.
– You can add the position by editing the following xml file: [joomla_directory]/templates/your_template_name/templateDetails.xml
– You can add your new position name like below. I have added a new position named article-slideshow.

3) Edit module position

– Now, you can see article-slideshow in Position field in admin.
– Go to Extensions -> Module Manager
– Edit your desired module
– Select Position as article-slideshow
– Save

4) Add loadmodule code in article

– Now, you want to show that module in an article.
– Go to Content -> Article Manager
– Edit your desired article
– Add the following code to load/show the module in the article:
{loadposition article-slideshow}
– Note that: I have used article-slideshow as my module position as I have set my module’s position as article-slideshow in step 3. You can use your own module position name as well.
– There is also an alternative to loadposition. It is called loadmodule. Loadmodule is used as {loadmodule module-name}. So, if you want to load Login module then you will type {loadmodule login}.

Using third party extensions

I found two helpful third-party extensions for adding module content in an article page.

1) Load module into article

This plugin makes it easy to add module content into any Joomla article. You just need to type the following code into your article:

{module [16]}

Here, 16 is the ID of your module. You can view your module’s ID from Extensions -> Module Manager.

2) Modules Anywhere

This is a more sophisticated module. You can include any module anywhere in your site, not only in articles.

You just need to place the following code where you want the module to be displayed:

{module 16}

Here, 16 is the ID of your module. You can view your module’s ID from Extensions -> Module Manager.

Hope this helps.


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