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Joomla: Adding multiple email address to Email or Mailto link

In Joomla, while editing article, I was trying to add multiple email addresses (comma separated) to email link. But, when I tried to do so, the email link in frontend changed to something like below:


You need to disable ‘Email Cloaking‘ to solve this issue.

There are two ways to disable Email Cloaking in Joomla. Either you can disable Email Cloaking for all mailto links or you can also disable Email Cloaking on particle mailto link.

Disable Email Cloaking for all mailto link addresses

– Go to Extension -> Plug-in Manager
– Search for Email Cloaking
– Disable ‘Content – Email Cloaking‘ plugin

Disable Email Cloaking for a single mailto link addresses

– Edit any of your article where you want to add multiple mailto email addresses
– Right click on the email link in your article
– A menu list will appear
– Click ‘Edit Link’ menu
– A popup box will appear where you can put email, subject, content, etc.
– In the email field, write the following: (now you can add multiple email address separated by comma)

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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