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Backup Google Chrome Profile Bookmarks History Extensions: Best and Easy way

Backing up browser means getting backup of all the browsing history, bookmarks, extensions installed, etc.

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. I love Google Chrome.


I use Google Chrome in office. I browse numerous websites, I bookmark many of them, I have added some useful extensions. How do I save/use my Google Chrome Profile (all history, bookmarks, extensions, etc) in my home computer?

Basically, I want to backup all the browsing history, bookmarks, extensions used, etc. of Chrome Browser from one computer to another. How can I do this?


Google Chrome provides you a very easy and effective way to backup your browsing history, bookmarks and installed extensions so that you can easily backup and restore your Google Chrome Profile from one computer to another. For this, you simply need a Gmail account.

Here is how you do it:-

– Open Google Chrome browser
– Go to Settings -> Options (in Windows) or Settings -> Preferences (in Linux/Mac)
– Click the ‘Personal Stuff‘ tab.
Google Chrome Profile Sync
– Click ‘Set up Sync‘. You are then asked to enter your Gmail username and password.
Google Profile Backup Sync Setup
– After that, your Google Chrome Profile of the particular computer is synced with your Gmail account. That means, you have done backup of your Google Chrome browser profile.

– To Restore things in another computer, repeat the same process again. The Google Chrome profile you did backup, will be restored after you entered the same Gmail account username and password which you used to create profile backup.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • Ol

    Thanks for making this post. I was looking for a way to backup myextensions.