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Give your customer the best user experience on Magento store

The numerous stores on Magento platform can be seen widely over the world. That is the reason explaining why Magento Developers always try their best to provide their store with great innovations. Among them, how to give the best user-experience is highly considered and becoming the issue in many conferences.

Magento User Experience

As there goes a saying “put yourself in your customers’ shoes“, the best way to understand what your customers want from your web-store is the realistic experience. Answering these following questions will help you – as a Magento store-owner to have several wise ideas:

– How to access their wanted products in the best way while shopping on a web-store
– How about customer service provided
– How customers are able to express their feelings or review after purchasing products

In fact, there are a short range of functional extensions and plug-ins used to improve user-experience on Magento store. By adding them in the right and flexible way, you are able to give your customers the chance to enjoy shopping time. With regard to User-experience on Magento store, we must list: Experience of personalizing shopping, Self-service convenience, and the last, Customer Service.

Magento User Experience

1. At first, Experience of Personalizing shopping, one of the main factors decides whether a visitor becomes a customer or not.

Easy-to-navigate interface is the goal that any web-store wants to have for their online shop. Good navigation and search help visitors save much time to find out products on your web-site. Ajax Search is seen as a powerful tool for a Magento store for customers grab their looking-for products after some simple clicks. Also, the layered navigation is a common but must-have feature for customers to have right direction on your store. Adding filtering and sorting ability to web-store is the fastest way in order to encourage customers to make purchase.

Magento User Experience

Each customer has unique needs for their business so they want you to understand that and configure or customize your items to serve them. Account personalization is the most efficient channel to customize their experiences and adjust as they wish. Actually, a Support ticket system, different way to get registration and do shopping on a Magento store is not difficult at all. Users are possible to log-in your store with their social account and leave necessary requirements of your products.

The price of your product sounds moderate, doesn’t it? For a functional module, like Shop By Manufacturer, you can find a lot of suppliers. However, the dynamic pricing with customizable business rules and negotiable contract terms are the big contributor to the relationship of you and customers. Moreover, the access way to your pricing table could be shown as a Price Matrix with various selections, allowing customers to have an overview of products from the performance to price.

As a certain thing of any eCommerce, leaving recommendations must be always progressed. Nowadays, customers’ review of a product is very crucial. People find out their advice or conference through them. If in the review, key words of your products are shown, it will lead to your site be high-rank and have more improvements of Google Adwords. You can install module product vote, bringing the chance to vote for which product customers have the most satisfaction. Or right in back-end of Magento store, you can Enable this Review function to display them on the Product page for others to make good sight of that product.

2. For the second, Self-convenience feature includes different sectors like content, information of products that is given to attract customers. These tools are more convenient than interacting with a sale representative, improving shopping experience and sales, as the result.

After making an interview with a visitor spending their time doing shopping on a Magento Fashion store. He claimed that the first sight impressing them is the Banner and your site decoration. Besides, they gain good information of the product from nice content on your site. In order to help them get more information of product, you are suggested to added Product video module into the Magento store. All of them are used to generate a profound foundation of products for customers.

Magento User Experience

If customers miss their order at first, you can give them a chance to make re-order. Don’t make them experience the same steps to have a re-order. Adding re-ordering feature as a Buy button to previous transactions, customers are possible to self-serve right on your store and make a success purchase easily. More convenience you bring to your customers, more quickly you boost sales and traffic to your business.

3. In terms of giving the best User-experience, customer’s service support is more and more important.

When a customer wants to have long-time business on your store, account management should be better supported. You give them ability to review their items, account information, and budgets. The security of user role and assign should be created for them to ensure access rights of viewing information, placing orders, manage orders and carts.

You generate FAQs page with very common and usual questions of products, how to use them from customers. This will be a useful source for them to have good advice when visiting your store. Sometimes, when you do not online serve in time, FAQs can be the ideal alternative.

Magento User Experience

CRM system is integrated into Magento platform, improving customer’s information management. This is also an effective solution for web-store owner to have so much information insights into purchasing trend. Therefore, your ideas of product could be more consultative with consumers. You also have an approval workflow by automating some aspects of it. This is required to let online system streamline and expedite an organization process.

Complete the relationship management by automating some normal aspects of the purchase process. When you have more effective relationship management, you can enhance the customer experience. From that, it is totally possible to focus on marketing campaign that is adjusted with the eCommerce’s trend.

With more than 30 percentages of Magento enterprise clients using this platform, Magento suppliers are trying to invest more in boosting user-experience. The fact has shown that the bigger number of loyal customers comes from this sector. You give the best User-experience to visitors, leading more sales converted. Thus, it will be easier to turn your Magento commerce into the most powerful eCommerce platform.


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