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Forecasting Ecommerce Trends For The Year 2015

The year 2014 saw a big boom in the ecommerce market with industry giants like Amazon earning a revenue of staggering $89 billion in contrast to $75 billion the previous year. This stat speak volumes about the humungous growth of ecommerce. From conventional shoppers to entrepreneurs, all have been bitten by ecommerce bug.

What could have spawned this change? The prime reason is access to internet. As far as an ecommerce is concerned, you don’t need to wait on queues, you get unlimited choices, you are able to analyze a product thoroughly by looking at the customer feedback and so on. Hence shoppers find ecommerce more viable. So how is ecommerce going to shape up in 2015.

Smartphones Will Have A Crucial Role To Play

Accessing internet through smartphones has become the order of the day. Software pundits predict that desktops might become obsolete and pave way to wearable devices like smartwatches and Google glasses in the near future. As of 2015 there are over 1.75 billion smartphone users and the list keeps on growing every minute. Hence making your ecommerce site compatible with mobile devices will become a must.

60% Of Customers Will Ditch Out Brick And Mortar Stores

Conventional shopping involved customers thoroughly sifting a product in the showroom before purchasing it. But with the emergence of ecommerce, the conventional trend is waning gradually. The reason being, products offered in an ecommerce marketplace are comparatively cheaper. Also repute firms like Amazon, eBay have won the confidence of shoppers by giving a replacement for the damaged product. So with the proliferation of smart devices most of the shoppers will opt out of Brick and Mortar stores.

Magento 2.0 Will Be The Most Sought After Platform

At present Magento is the most preferred platform for ecommerce sites with over 40% of ecommerce sites using it, owing to its user friendly and easy to customize option. Ever since eBay acquired Magento in 2011, there has been a huge buzz. And it is expected that eBay might launch Magento 2.0 in 2015. If it happens then the demand might surge as the buzz is that Magento 2.0 is built to support the modern coding standards and performance wise it is expected to outperform

Apps Will Replace Newsletters

In the whatsapp generation accessing mails have become passe. People prefer to use mail only for their professional purposes. So sending Newsletters will only irate the customers. Hence most of the ecommerce store will go in for apps to keep their customers informed about the latest deals.

Free Shipping Charges And Same Day Delivery

Currently the major drawbacks in ecommerce are the shipping charges (sometimes costlier than the product) and delayed delivery. So with the growing number of online shoppers, ecommerce stores will expand their delivery centers and try quickening the delivery process. Also to win over the customers they will be waiving off the shipping charges.

Author Bio:

Naveen is a Digital Marketing Executive and works for Contus, a Magento development company. He is passionate about writing technical post related to Mobile Apps also about Ecommerce and Magento solution. This post highlights the importance of Forecasting Ecommerce Trends For The Year 2015


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    Useful blog Mukesh. Knowing about the eCommerce trends is essential nowadays as the sector is growing very fast. To attract the buyers in this competitive sector it is necessary to follow the new trends.

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