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Fix: Facebook share link not showing image properly

When you share a link of your page on Facebook, you may notice that Facebook is fetching images from your page. If there are multiple images on your page then you can have option to select the image to be displayed on the shared post. Sometime an advertisement image might be displayed as the first image while sharing link through Facebook.

Generally, when people share a link, they don’t bother about choosing the right image, editing title or description. They will just paste the link and hit the post button. So, it is important that we have appropriate title, description and an appropriate FIRST image.

You can specify exact title, description, URL and image to be displayed on the Facebook shared content. This can be done using Facebook’s “Open Graph Meta Tags“.

Here are the meta-tag examples. They should be placed inside section of your page.

When you use the above open graph meta tags, Facebook will not search for title, description and image on your page. It will exactly display the contents specified on the above meta tags.

You can check and verify your page markup using Facebook URL Debugger which shows how the page’s markup appears to Facebook.

Facebook Sharing Best Practices describes about writing proper meta tags and optimizing image sizes to generate great previews.



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