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Dedicated Server Vs Shared Hosting: Which one to choose?

Whether you should choose Dedicated Server Hosting or Shared Hosting depends upon the web operation that you run or required.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is also knows as Virtual Hosting. In this hosting, multiple websites are hosted in the web host’s server. Your website is hosted along with others’ website in the same server. There is a single IP address for the web host’s server. So, all websites hosted on that server have the same IP address.


Price: Shared Hosting is very cheap. It starts from $4 per month.

Ease of use: You get a very easy to use Control Panel.

Hassel free: You are not directly managing the servers. It is done by the web host provider.


Slow server response.

Limitation in bandwidth, disk space, etc.

Dependency on hosting provider.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Service is also known as Managed Hosting Service. It is a type of internet hosting where you have your own server and it is not shared with anyone else. There is no sharing of server space, IP address, or CPU usuage. You have full control over the server.


Get full control over server

Maximum freedom on usuage

Fast server response

No Limitation in bandwidth, disk space, etc.


Price: Dedicated hosting is costlier as compared to shared hosting starting from $75 per month.


Dedicated server hosting is recommended for very high-traffic and security critical websites where price is not a big issue.

Otherwise, you can opt for shared hosting. Most of the people choose shared hosting because they are cheaper and they offer almost everything required to small and medium sized websites. If you offer small business, personal website or blog then go for shared hosting.


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