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Cricket World Cup: Final Match Hosting Country has never won it! Can India break the trend this time?

From the past records of World Cup Cricket, we find that the hosting team has never won the World Cup.

In 1996, the World Cup was hosted jointly by India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The final match was played in Pakistan. And, Sri Lanka had won the World Cup.

Hence, more precisely saying, the Final Match Hosting Country has never won the World Cup.

This time (World Cup Cricket 2011), it is being hosted by three South Asian countries: India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. And, the final match is being played in India.

Can India break this trend? Can India win the World Cup Cricket for the 2nd time? Will India be able to keep the World Cup Trophy at home this time?

It seems so by seeing the current form and the player capacity of Indian Cricket Team. India is playing tremendously in recent times. Can they continue this form till the end of World Cup? It’s something to watch.

Below is the statistical summary of hosting country and winner of the world cup cricket:-

YearHost Nation(s)Final VenueWinnerRunner-up
1975EnglandLord’s, LondonWest IndiesAustralia
1979EnglandLord’s, LondonWest IndiesEngland
1983EnglandLord’s, LondonIndiaWest Indies
1987India, PakistanEden Gardens, KolkataAustraliaEngland
1992Australia, New ZealandMCG, MelbournePakistanEngland
1996India, Pakistan, Sri LankaGaddafi Stadium, LahoreSri LankaAustralia
1999England, Wales, Ireland, Netherlands, ScotlandLord’s, LondonAustraliaPakistan
2003South Africa, Kenya, ZimbabweWanderers, JohannesburgAustraliaIndia
2007West IndiesKensington Oval, BridgetownAustraliaSri Lanka
2011India, Bangladesh, Sri LankaWankhede Stadium, MumbaiIndiaSri Lanka

Update: India has really broken this trend. India has won the Cricket World Cup 2011. A big congratulation to The Indian Cricket Team. You guys were simply awesome and the strongest side for the whole tournament.



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  • Raju

    The 1996 Cricket World Cup Final was played in Pakistan and Sri Lanka won it. Now, it’s played in India and I think, Pakistan will win it.

    If the final was played in Sri Lanka, then I would have thought India to win it.

    All assumptions BTW :)

  • Aamir

    India will win the world cup and Yuvraj Singh will make it happen. He came into form in T20 world cup last time and made India the winner. He seems to be repeating the same history once again.. Go India Go…

  • I like your assumptions :)