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Configuration error on new Magento installation


I am installing a fresh magento in my Windows XP computer. I have Xampp installed. While installing magento, I had a problem at the configuration step where I had to fill database host, username, password etc. When I click continue after filling the required fields, the installation process doesn’t move forward. I am redirected to the same page.


I googled and was suggested to put instead of localhost in the url; e.g. to put  instead of http://localhost/magento . I did the same but then I got the following error displayed:

Database server does not support InnoDB storage engine
Database connection error

This error was solved. I opened my.cnf file present inside mysql/bin/ in notepad and uncommented (removed # sign) from the line skip_innodb.

#skip-innodb to skip-innodb

But still, my problem was not solved. I could not pass through the configuration page. Then I found a solution which finally helped me. I changed chmod of the following three folders to 777, i.e. making the folders writable. These folders are inside your magento folder.  In windows, right click the folder, go to properties, uncheck ‘Read Only’ present under Attributes. The folders to change are as under:


Finally, I am through and I completed Magento installation. Hurray :)


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  • Roshanbhgt

    thanks for help

  • Meishin

    Thank you so much!