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[15 Jan 2016 | Comments Off on Google Social Connect: Redirect URI mismatch error]

I have setup Google Social Connect on a website. When I try to login through Google Social Connect, I get the following 404 error stating:
Error: redirect_uri_mismatch
The redirect URI in the request: http://MY-WEBSITE-URL/socialconnect/google/connect/ did not match the registered redirect URI.

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[6 Aug 2012 | Comments Off on Meet your expectations with Pinterest]

Pinterest has clearly grabbed its role as a perfect social media site with it excellence in enhancing web traffic, online presence and interaction. Pinterest is not just a social media site, where you can post things and share with. It is something else too! Before getting on with it, read on further to know few amusing stats on Pinterest.
Pinterest – Interesting Stats

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[10 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Twitter Limitation of Status Update, Direct Message, Following, Unfollowing]

Twitter has some limitations on its status update, direct message, and follow and unfollow rates. Some of the limitations are know and some might be unknown to many. Here is about them:-
1) Status Update

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[30 Mar 2012 | Comments Off on Social Media Voice: Have you discovered yours?]

You live in a social media world, where a majority of internet users are seen active on various social and blogging platforms. The sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace have found a good space in majority of internet users’ life. Here they share anything to everything. Therefore the social media sites also witness a number of ups and downs taking place as well in different users’ life.
In this world, the words the users share travels much faster and at the same returns with same pace. The phrase ‘words returns to …