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[4 Sep 2007 | No Comment]

My Windows got attacked by this frustrating and irritating worm called “Trojan.W32.Looksky”. Once you get this worm in your computer, you will surely be eager to kill and delete this coz’ it’s so… irritating, always getting pop-up with the following message:
Security Warning!

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[8 Apr 2007 | 3 Comments]

Public-key encryption makes key-management much easier. It was invented in 1976 by two Stanford mathematicians, Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman. Their discovery can be phrased simply: enciphering schemes should be asymmetric. For thousands of years all ciphers were symmetric—the key for encrypting a message was identical to the key for decrypting it, but used, so to speak, in reverse. To change “5 100 100 5 15 55″ or “6 120 120 6 18 66″ back into “attack,” for instance, one simply reverses the encryption by dividing the numbers with the …