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[2 May 2016 | One Comment]

python-recsys is a Python Library for implementing a Recommender System.
Currently, python-recsys supports two Recommender Algorithms: Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and Neighborhood SVD.

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[25 Apr 2016 | No Comment]

LibRec is a promising JAVA library for Recommender Systems. It implements a lot of Recommender Algorithms. It consists of three major components: Generic Interfaces, Data Structures and Recommendation Algorithms.

JAVA, Recommender System »

[14 Mar 2016 | No Comment]

Apache Mahout is a project of Apache Software Foundation. Mahout helps building scalable Machine Learning applications. It primarily focuses in the areas of Collaborative Filtering, Classification, and Clustering.
Here is a very nice video tutorial on Mahout Item Recommender Tutorial using Java and Eclipse. It thoroughly explains about how to use Movielens dataset and create an Item-based recommender system to recommend certain number of most similar items for each items.

Python, Recommender System »

[7 Mar 2016 | 3 Comments]

Crab as known as scikits.recommender is a Python framework for building recommender engines integrated with the world of scientific Python packages (numpy, scipy, matplotlib).
Currently, Crab supports two Recommender Algorithms: User-based Collaborative Filtering and Item-based Collaborative Filtering.