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[17 Jul 2012 | 4 Comments]

Google Adsense is a very popular program for earning money online. Google Adsense generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.
In this article, I will be describing some of the key terms of Google Analytics. They are Clickthrough rate (CTR), Cost-per-click (CPC), Cost-per-thousand (CPM), and Revenue per thousand impressions (RPM). Before understanding these terms, we need to know about the following basic terms:

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[10 Jan 2011 | 2 Comments]

PayPal is the world’s most popular “middleman service” for online purchasing. Where moneygrams and wire transfers were the standard in the 20th century, today over 99 million Internet users prefer to use PayPal to send money to each other via email. PayPal has become such a convenient and trusted way to transfer money online, 95% of eBay’s purchases go through PayPal.
Understanding How Paypal Works : This article contains a comprehensive guide on Paypal. This 10 pages guide covers several fundamental topics like:-

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[20 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Blogspot: How to add google adsense to your blogger website?]

Here, I will be showing you how you can add google adsense to your blogger / blogspot website.
Note: I will be telling about adding adsense in sidebar and in each single post as well.

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[25 Feb 2010 | 6 Comments]

I used to have google adsense in my blog but they suddenly disappeared these days. I don’t see the adsense in my blog. Instead, I see ads stating ‘Microfinance Empowers‘ in some of my adsense block. Others are empty.
I googled the web and found the following cause and solution:-