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Book Review: Magento 1.3: PHP Developer’s Guide

PACKT Publishing has published a very useful Magento Developer Guide. This book has practical tutorials with examples. This book will be very useful for PHP Programmers who want to learn Magento architecture, extend the system and add new features to it.

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Here are some of the prominent features of the book:-

1) Install and upgrade Magento to get ready for development
2) Get familiar with the architecture and internal structure of Magento
3) Learn about the best modules available and what they can do for you out of the box
4) Build a Shipping module for your Magento store to give users options for receiving their items once they have paid for them
5) Create a payment method for Magento and the various aspects that go together to complete the payment process
6) Speed up your module creation process using the Module Creator script
7) Build a basic brand-management module for Magento to manage brands and display their details
8) Integrate your favorite CMS into Magento including a walkthrough of integrating WordPress into Magento
9) Create, update, delete, and retrieve customer data from within Magento by implementing the customer API
10) Integrate Magento data into an existing external web application or script using the Magento Core API
11) Import/export files to retrieve and store information from and to external sources using Excel Spreadsheet or CSV data

View detail information about the book



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  • Rick B

    Ill be curious to know what you think. I thought it was helpful, but the shipping module it describes and the code you download do not match and neither actually works. Overall it was decent, I learned a bit, but Im wondering how much is wrong that I learned because of the shipping module. Oh well.. Ill wait to hear your thoughts :)

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  • Yes I am a PHP Developer and using online tutorials like shown in this blog whenever get stuck in problem. Thanks Mukesh for tutorial.

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