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10 Magento 2 features you’d definitely want to give a try

Serving as a global leader in e-commerce solutions, Magento has been into existence since 5 years from now. With over 4 million downloads till date, Magento has been successful in becoming the number one choice of online merchants worldwide. With Magento 2 beta release planned for December 2014, e-store builders have got a whole new reason for celebration. With the ever booming e-commerce market, Magento 2 promises to offer features that will play a pivotal role in pacing up the growth of e-commerce industry. Keep on reading this blog to find more about the remarkable features of Magento 2 which are surely going to create a new wave in the e-commerce development sector.


Feature#1- Greater compatibility with more number of platforms

Unlike the prior versions of Magento, the version 2.0 is compatible with PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework, just in the same manner as the version 1.0. Plus, Magento 2.0 also extends support for Oracle, MSSQL and a range of other databases.

Feature#2- A greater level of flexibility

Backed by a component-based structure of modules, Magento 2 comes with enhanced flexibility in terms of e-commerce development. Here, I would like to point out that the high code coupling incorporated within a component oriented architecture allows you to connect a variety of components including customer, CMS, checkout, catalog, sales and a lot more. That means, you are free to enable or disable the components as per your fluctuating requirements, keeping the code base clean and de-tangled.

Feature#3-Magento 2 is testing-friendly

Code testing is something that has been bothering Magento developers over all these years. Thanks to the continuous efforts put in by the vast Magento community, we now have Magento 2 which is 100% testing-friendly. To put in simple words, the latest version of Magento is equipped with a flawless testing framework that can be utilized for performing a suite of tests including: Unit Tests, Static Tests, Integration Tests, Legacy and Migration Tests, JavaScript Unit Tests and Performance Tests.

Feature#4- Service Contracts for simplifying the use of APIs

Yet another significant feature introduced in Magento 2 is Service Contracts. It is basically a set of PHP Interfaces which is being used for improving and simplifying the use of APIs for different kinds of modules. With this feature, it will become easier for you to gather an in-depth understanding of public API endpoints.

Feature#5-A completely revamped file structure

Magento 2.0 comes with a completely modified file structure with no base theme and all the base views being moved into the module structure. With a keen eye on offering a clear view structure, Magento community has ensured that developers need not face any issues when developing customized Magento themes.

Feature#6-Hassle-free installation and upgrades

The built-in Composer implementation within Magento 2 makes installation a hassle-free process. Also, it has become feasible for Magento users to upgrade to the recent Magento 2 version in a convenient format.

Feature#7-Elimination of specific modules and components

The old and outdated compiler and payment methods available in Magento 1.0 have been replaced by advanced and contemporary payment options. To put it simply, the Magento 2.0 release has actually cut down the size of config.xml file by over 20%, making it convenient for developers to offer customized web solutions within minimum amount of time.

Feature#8- Built using the ‘concept of view in the module’

Since Magento 2 has been built on ‘concept of view in the module’, it has considerably reduced the complexity and overall development time. Moreover, this new feature will also enable you to create the view and get it working within no time.

Feature#9- Enhanced Security

Since Magento 2 comes with impressive changes in the directory structure, it is considered to be more secure as compared to previous Magento versions. The new directory named ‘pub’ has enabled developers to protect their codes from any sort of security breach.

Feature#10- An improved engagement with Magento Community

With the release of Magento 2, the Magento development team has become more diligent in resolving the varied issues faced by Magento coders. So, if you have chosen to upgrade to Magento 2, then rest assured about receiving seamless support by the Magento community.

Summing it all up

When compared to already prevalent Community and Enterprise Editions of Magento, the Magento 2.0 version definitely has a greater potential for allowing developers to come up with e-stores that are worth an appreciation.

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Jason Roiz is a web developer by profession and a writer by hobby and works for OSSMedia, a Magento development company. He loves sharing information regarding Magento development tips & tricks. If you are looking forward to hire Magento developers then just get in touch with him.


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